About The University



Mersin University was formally established by decree of the Turkish National Assembly on July 3, 1992 and on November 10, 1992 ; the university began its educational endeavors in earnest.

At its establishment, six faculties were proposed: The School of Science and Letters, The School of Fine Arts, The School of Business Administration, The School of Engineering, The School of Aquaculture and The Medical School. On September 1993, Mersin University began its first academic year with the registration of students to four faculties: Science and Letters, Fine Arts, Business Administration and Engineering; one school: Tourism and Hotel Management; four community colleges: Mersin , Gülnar, Mut and Tarsus vocational schools; and postgraduate programs in the Social Sciences and Natural and Applied Sciences.

In addition to the six faculties proposed at its inception, the Aquaculture Faculty began lessons in the 1995-1996 academic year, and the Medical School welcomed its first class in 1998-1999.

Two new faculties were added on February 16, 1999 : an Education Faculty and a Faculty of Architecture and on July 13, 2000 , the ninth, Faculty of Pharmacy was added.

The School of Tourism and Hotel Management began programs in the 1993-1994 academic year and The State Conservatoire of Music began with Middle School students in 1994-1995. The Conservatoire expanded in the 1997-1998 academic year to include graduate programs. The School of Health Sciences welcomed students for the 1998-1999 academic year and The Physical Education Teaching Department became the School of Physical Education on February 16, 1999 and began the 1999-2000 academic year with a new focus.

On September 1993, four Institutes were established at Mersin University in order to carry outpostgraduate programs. Of these, The Institute of Social Sciences and The Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences began their postgraduate studies in the same year, and The Institute of Health Sciences started with the 1999-2000 academic year. An Institute of Fine Arts will begin postgraduate studies in the near future. In 2002-2003 academic year, the School of Jewelry Technology and Design began taking students. In 2001, Rectorate Department of Foreign Languages was converted to the School of Foreign Languages . With the inauguration of Vocational Schools in Erdemli, Silifke, Anamur, and Aydincik, the number of Vocational Schools has reached eight.

Student Life



In schools, faculties and research centers there are many labs, which are used for conducting research.

The university is connected to the internet and most departments of The University have access to the internet. Çiftlikköy and Yenisehir Campuses and the Medical School Hospital have internet connections so all departments and students can use the computer laboratories.


The University Central Library was opened for use in September 1996 at Çiftlikköy Campus and another library was established on the Yenisehir Campus on October 9, 2001.The library has 35.000 books. All books and documents can be searched through the internet.


Mersin University is connected to the internet, the information network of our age. The Center for Computer Research and Operations provides the university with internet access and coordinates web services. Internet access is provided in many units of the university. Moreover, Ulaknet (National Academic Network) which belongs to The University was activated and a university website was put into service through this network. The website of our University is "www.mersin.edu.tr" .

Sports Facilities

The sports facilities at Mersin University Çiftlikköy Campus include artificial football field, tennis, basketball, volleyball and handball courts, one miniature golf court, temporary gymnastics and multi-aimed indoor sports center.

The Sports Center , located in the valley of the Çiftlikköy Campus, welcomes both university personnel and students. In addition, there is one basketball court and swimming pool on both Tece and Yenisehir Campuses.


Student Counseling Office

At registration, new students are assigned an advisor in their department before beginning their education. This advisor informs the students of their class hour schedule, keeps track of their grades and helps them deal with their private problems as much as possible.


Different living choices are available in state and private dormitories, as well as rental properties in hereby summerhouses.

At present, state dormitories in Mersin house 558 female students and 650 male students for a total of 1208 people. To help in solving the accommodation problem, private dormitories with a capacity of more than one thousand have been opened, and future plans include additional student housing.

A University dormitory is in Gülnar town, and houses 200 students, and a facility is planned for 124 students on the Tece Campus in 2002-2003.

Health Services

Health Services are provided to all students by the Health Services Unit on the campus. The Health Services Unit is composed of a dental unit and a diagnostic laboratory, which is completely equipped to aid in the doctor's analysis and diagnosis. Relatively serious cases are referred to the Medical School Research and Training Hospital . Students at extension campuses in the provinces have their medical needs addressed in the state hospitals.




Transportation to the campuses of Mersin University is provided by city municipality bus services and other minibus services at all hours of the day.


A shopping complex offers services to both students and academic personnel on the Çiftlikköy Campus and give service since November 2000.

The 2300 m 2 shopping complex has a restaurant, a cafe, a bank, an internet cafe, a hairdresser, a market, a cinema and billiards saloon for the students and the personnel.


There are ATM machines of various banks on the Çiftlikköy and Yenisehir Campus. There is also the branch of a bank on the Çiftlikköy Campus.

Postal Services

Complete postal services are offered at the Mersin University by Çiftlikköy and Yenisehir Campus Post Offices.


Studetns Clubs

There are scientific, sports, social and cultural students clubs affiliated with Mersin University . These clubs provide regular activities for students whose hobbies and interests are in these areas.

The University's sports teams have proven to be successful in various tournaments and competitions, in which they have participated and include,

•  The Anatolian Pop, Folk and Rock Group

•  Anamur Vocational School , Atat ürk 's Ideology Society

•  Anamur Vocational School Concert Group

•  The Archeology Club

•  Atat ürk 's Ideology Society

•  General Forum of European Students AEGEE-Mersin Community

•  The Computer Club

•  The Scientific Research Group

•  The Biology Club

•  Bridge Club

•  The Gymnastics Club

•  Translation Club

•  The Ecology Club

•  Amateur Music Group

•  The Outdoor Sports Club

•  The Nature and Culture Protection Club

•  The Literature Club

•  The Philosophy Club

•  The Applied Science and Mathematics Club

•  The Physics Club

•  The Photography Club

•  Gülnar Vocational School Communication Club

•  The Folk Dancing and Dancing Group

•  The Economy and Stock Exchange Club

•  The English Club

•  The English Teachers Club

•  The Chemistry Club

•  The Math Club

•  Mut Vocational School Cultural and Sports Activities Club

•  The Plastic Arts Club

•  The Psychology Club

•  The Psychological Counselling and Guiding Club

•  The Robotics Club

•  The Chess Club

•  The School Teaching Club

•  The Movie Club

•  The Rafting Club

•  The History Club

•  The Theatre Club

•  The Tourism Club

•  The Classical Turkish Music Club

•  Mersin Local Club International Comity of Turkish Medicine Students

•  The Turkish Education Club